I've just imported a big list of regions/states to the Magento table directory_country_region as UTF8

However, in the region/state box at checkout I now see encoding issues for many special characters. As this droplist is not the only place where this information is printed out I need to find a solution that work sitewide. Is there like any global setting that can sort this?

  • This is how my Magento DB looks like: character_set_client,utf8 character_set_connection,utf8 character_set_database,latin1 character_set_filesystem,binary character_set_results,utf8 character_set_server,latin1 character_set_system,utf8 character_sets_dir,/usr/share/mysql/charsets/ – Andreas Jun 11 '15 at 7:14

Deleteted everything and reimported with Latin 1 as I noted that: character_set_database, latin1

Looks good at checkout so hopefully this will work.

For those of you interested I used this post of how to make the import: http://www.techawaken.com/adding-region-states-options-dropdown-address-checkout-pages/

As for the data I exported everthing from an different platform in Magento format and excluded all countries currently in the table directory_country_region

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