To summarize, I'm attempting to merge two Magento installs. I have a series of customers that I'm trying to incorporate from one instance into another.

With that being said... I would like customer IDs to start at a higher number. To proceed with this, I created a test account and went into the Magento database to see the newest customer_id.entity_id to be 12910. I increased the customer ID by 2000 to make it 14910. I then went back into my store and proceeded to create another test account but after going back to Magento I see that it is 12911 and not 14911. I thought, "maybe I need to clear cache or reindex". Did that, created another account and it was 12912.

So I'm guessing Magento doesn't create customer IDs by adding 1 to the greatest entity_id. How would I successfully increase my increment in customer_entity.entity_id so that the next customer to create an account would see 14911? Another way to say it: How would I manually set what the next entity_id would be?

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I was able to find it after extensive searching. Let's say you want to start at 300001..

ALTER TABLE customer_entity AUTO_INCREMENT = 300001;

That's it!

Sources: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/8440755/how-to-start-with-a-different-customer-id-in-magento#sthash.QoZZN3SD.dpuf



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