I found an option in System->Permissions->Users. Admin can create roles for them. But how can I make a choice for a customer on registration form, who he wish to be: a seller or a buyer?

A seller will be able to add products on web site. A Buyer - only purchase.

I googled some info that I should create attributes buyer/seller and display them in registration form. But attributes and roles are different things in magento as I understand. Should I associate them with each other or there's another solution?

Appreciate any help.


It seems you might be trying to build a marketplace type store. Have you checked out https://secure.unirgy.com/products/umarketplace/magento-multi-vendor-marketplace

It allows you to have vendors who log in and create products etc. It seems you are currently trying to customize the magento admin/frontend for something not quite intended out of the box.

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  • Yeah, you're right. I underestimated complexity of the situation, because I thought it would be possible to solve the issue within the confines of magento standard functionality. So seems like marketplace module is what I need. Thank you for your answer. – no_bad_names Oct 21 '14 at 5:16

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