I am making a project In which I have to differentiate between the user who have registered I want that if some one registered with the id

[email protected]

He should be automatically assign to student group

and if user registered with the id other then this


then He should be assign to a group say Guest

So can any one tell me. where I have to start for this as I search alot but can not get answer related to this

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you can do this by magento event Observer and find a trigger an observer on customer save events and change customer group accordingly.

You can try with this two Event

  1. customer_save_before
  2. customer_save_after

First of all ,i guess that you have already create customer groups Student,Guest from Admin>Customers>Customer group.

Find details on event and observer here

Model Approach

Step1: trigger an event on basic of customer_save_before


Step2: Magento Observer Code is below and guess that guest custome group id is 2,Student is 5.

class Stackexchange_Magento63798_Model_Observer
    public function ChangeCustomerGroup(Varien_Event_Observer $observer){

        Mage::log('My log entry'.$customer->getId(), null, 'Magento63798.log');

        list($user, $domain) = explode('@',$customer->getEmail());

        if ($domain == 'gmail.com'):
            /* set Customer group as Stiudent */
        // use gmail


See another example How to automatically send a transactional email on customer group change?


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