When i try to launch cron on magento in crontab, I have this error :

...can't get apc memory size...

In my apc.ini, I have "apc.enabled=1", "apc.enable_cli = 0".

I know, I need to have "apc.enable_cli = 1" but I can't, instead I use :

/usr/bin/php -f /www/cron.php -d "apc.enable_cli=1"

But it doesn't work. It's really strange because on magento 1.7 this trick working well.

Do you have an idea why ?


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The actual problem is, that php cli does use a different php.ini which you can find by running "php --ini"

I assume you did add it to the wrong ini


Oh, I found a solution to my own question. cron.php call cron.sh and cron.sh recall cron.php with specific parameters but don't care about parameter pass during the first call. I manually edit cron.sh and add -d "apc.enable_cli=1" where php command is called.

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