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Sometimes no index on category pages

I use magento with memcached, apc, Lesti FPC and CreareSEO and other but I think only this plugin can do it. Site work without any changes and editing but sometimes yandex robot find NOINDEX ...
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500 Server Error - On checkout page - APC

I'm having crazy issues on checkout page - it kicks the client out of the checkout: 500 Server error on /checkout/onepage/progress/?toStep=shipping_method sometimes on billing too. The issue is ...
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3 answers

APC work around with Magento

I have a number of Magento sites running on Amazon and I have to turn off APC or I will get blank pages in the Magento Admin area. It only happens in admin. Does anyone else have APC issues with ...
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Fatal error: Call to undefined function apc_clear_cache()

for some reason we need to clear APC Opcode cache so i am adding below lines at the end of index.php file apc_clear_cache(); apc_clear_cache('user'); after i run the index.php file from browser, ...
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How to use APC only for frontend?

we have recently installed an apc cache for our magento shop and it works so far. Now we have a new module using ioncube Loader and as far as we now know these two things are not compatible. The ...
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Magento APC Multi Storefront

So I can see plenty of information about what to do with Magento and APC for single storefronts but how about multi stores? I have 1 local.xml files that has 3 storefronts on that are on 3 different ...
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2 answers

How do set REDIS + APC

How do set REDIS with APC in magento (local.xml)? I have to put twice the "< backend >"? My code looks like this: <cache> <backend>apc</backend> <slow_backend>file&...
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Magento refusing to use APC for opcode cache (no system cache entries)

I have inherited a Magento site (v, now running on my VPS. I use APC for all php sites on the server, with no problems. Like my other php sites, I expected to see entries in the System ...
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2 answers

Magento Cache - confusion about Varnish, Redis, APC, Memcache

I'm try to improve Magento performances ( soon or later "MageDev" hit this point :) I did some research and I found a lot of good, but not homogeneous, guides. What I got is that: MemCache or ...
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Cron issue with apc cache

When i try to launch cron on magento in crontab, I have this error : ...can't get apc memory size... In my apc.ini, I have "apc.enabled=1", "apc.enable_cli = 0". I know, I need to have "apc....
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Bad Gateway (nginx, FPM) while checkout when APC is enabled

I have a problem with nginx, php5-fpm, apc-cache, and Magento-1.8.1. always I enable apc the nginx shows an error... the server has 4GB RAM and runs nginx+php5 and the MySQL database software & ...
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APC + Compilation shows 500 internal server error on cart page

We are using APC with compilation in one of our project, magento version is only FPC extension is installed in it. At front-end all pages are working fine but Checkout & cart page shows ...
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