I would like to redirect the admin upon login to my custom module dashboard. I do not want to override the existing dashboard, but run them in parallel. So I've done the following:




public function custom_dashboard_redirect(){

Unfortunately this seems to simply redirect to the standard dashboard.

However, if I redirect to sales_order instead of custom_dashboard, it does the redirect correctly.

P.S. I can acccess custom_dashboard fine through the menu I've created, just not via this redirect. Would appreciate some pointers

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This is not an answer to the question, but it may be a solution to your problem.
You don't need an event to redirect the admin to a certain page.
There is a setting in the backend where you can set the startup admin page.
Go to System->Configuration->Admin->Startup Page and you should see all the menu items in one dropdown. Select your custom dashboard and save.

  • Perfect solution to my problem. The fewer events, the better IMO.
    – Moose
    Commented Oct 8, 2014 at 7:04

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