I am trying to extend Orders rest api in magento. For e.g To create a new update method. For doing this, I have created a new class in the local copy: The file I am trying to override is : app\code\core\Mage\Sales\Model\Api2\Order.php

But when I try to access the new method then I get a "Resource method not implemented" error message. I believe, the rewrite does not work in this case.

Similarly, I attempted to rewrite products rest api but over there rewrite method works correctly.

Just for your reference, I have pasted the code for Update Orders Rest Api below.

  1. \app\code\local\MyModulename\Sales\Model\Api2\Order.php

    class MyModulename_Sales_Model_Api2_Order extends Mage_Sales_Model_Api2_Order
        protected function _update(array $data)
          echo 'in update function';
  2. \app\code\local\MyModulename\Sales\etc\api2.xml enter image description here

  3. app\code\local\MyModulename\Sales\etc\config.xml enter image description here

Please note, this module is in active mode.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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Ok.. the file which needs to be extended is


and rewrite tag has to be rewritten for this class.

Similarly for customer modifications will be required in


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