return $result ?: []; what is the explanation of this code in details please.


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The explanation to this code is really simple. But to understand it, you have to know about ternary operator first. Check the below example.

(condition) ? (if true, do this) : (otherwise, do this)

In your statement return $result ?: [];

$result is your condition which is either true or false (in this case return is checking if $result returns something or not)

If $result returns true (meaning it has a value) then do nothing because there is no condition after ? as you can see in return $result ?: [];

But if $result returns false (meaning it don't have any value) then assign an empty array [] to it which is shown by the do this section after the :

In conclusion, if the $result has a value then that value is being returned but if it does not have any value then an empty array will be returned. I hope this helps!


This is the Ternary Operator, this code check $result having the value or not,if it has value return $result Else return empty array.

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