Can anyone explain me what does the below coding mean?

$html = array();
$combineClasses = array();

    $combineClasses[] = 'level' . $level;
    if ($this->_isCurrentCategory($category)) {
        $combineClasses[] = 'active';
    } else {
        $combineClasses[] = $this->isCategoryActive($category) ? 'parent' : 'inactive';
    $levelClass[] = implode('-', $combineClasses);

    if ($category->hasChildren()) {
        $levelClass[] = 'has-children';

    $levelClass = array_merge($levelClass, $combineClasses);

    $levelClass[] = $this->_getClassNameFromCategoryName($category);

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This code generates the CSS classes to be added to the category items in the top menu.

A pseudo code could be:

  • add a level class
  • if it is the current category add an active class
  • else add a parent class if it is a parent category of the current category or an inactive if not
  • add a has-children class if the category has childrne
  • I suppose it adds classes base on the category name

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