I have built a store where we offer free shipping over a certain order value. When I do a trial and get to that point of the checkout I note that i am given the option to check a box for free shipping or one for paid shipping even though the order is over the minimum amount. Is that how it should work or have i missed a setting? I had presumed that as the shipping was free then the paid shipping method would not show once the order was over a certain price.

I have attached a screen shot to show you what I mean.

Many thanks.enter image description here

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You can fix this in multiple ways:

  1. Use table rates: Magento documentation about table rates

  2. Use a shopping cart price rule: Magento documentation to add shopping cart price rule

The table rates are more flexible if you want to change the shipping rates for other countries.

For the first option go to the admin, system > configuration > shipping methods > enable and configure the table rates For the second option go to the admin, promotions > shopping cart price rules > Make a shopping cart price rule

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