I want to override vendor/magento/module-customer/etc/validation.xml This validation.xml in custom module.

Baically I want to change below file location with my custom module file

<rule name="check_name">
        <constraint alias="name_validator" class="Magento\Customer\Model\Validator\Name" />

This Magento\Customer\Model\Validator\Name with Vendor\Module\Model\Validator\Name

If anyone have any idea please share.


  • You could try a rewrite or plugin. Also, have you tried creating a custom extension and adding in etc/validation.xml the code above? Commented Jul 5, 2022 at 17:18

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You can override the whole class or use plugin to override the function only. I would prefer plugin.

  1. To override the class, in your etc/di.xml add this:

    <preference for="Magento\Customer\Model\Validator\Name" type="Vendor\Module\Model\Validator\Name" />

Now your Vendor\Module\Model\Validator\Name class:

namespace Vendor\Module\Model\Validator;
class Name extends \Magento\Customer\Model\Validator\Name
  //your code

More info: https://inchoo.net/magento-2/overriding-classes-magento-2/

  1. For plugin method check this: https://developer.adobe.com/commerce/php/development/components/plugins/
  • Plugin does not override the private function, And I want to override the private function. But can't achieve it with preference. So I want to override validation.xml to change the path Commented Jul 6, 2022 at 4:05
  • <preference> is for overriding the whole class. If you are overriding the private function then you will need to override the public function that calls the private function. :) Commented Jul 6, 2022 at 4:08

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