I'm creating magento 2 store for pre-owned goods.

Even though, in reality, two pre-owned items may be absolutely identical in sense of brand, model, technical specification and so on, I can't display them as the same product with a certain number of items, because of unique physical condition of every item (f.e.: one "Samsung S21 Ultra 12/256" smartphone is in "Good" condition, another one is in "Poor" condition with a lot of scratches on a screen).

So, every such item is displayed as a separate product inside of Category that is named in the name of a product (f.e: category "Mobile phone Samsung S21 Ultra 12/256" contains all "Mobile phone Samsung S21 Ultra 12/256" items).

The problem with this approach appears when you try to search for a certain product (with or without some custom filters applied). If you search for a smartphone with 12 Gb RAM and apply corresponding filter (RAM: 12 Gb) to a search, you'll get in a search result a mess of products with a full content of "Mobile phone Samsung S21 Ultra 12/256" Category and a full content of every other Category that contains 12 Gb RAM smartphones inside.

The question is: Is it possible to display a list of related categories on search result instead of a list of products. This categories should contain products that are properly filtered by custom filters that customer apply to a product.

F.e.: On search with filters: {"brand": "Samsung"}, {"RAM": "12 Gb"} and {"Item codition": "Poor"}, search result should display "Mobile phone Samsung S21 Ultra 12/256" Category. The category should contain "Mobile phone Samsung S21 Ultra 12/256" items with "Poor" item conditions only.

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Solution 1

You can make attribute options visible on search result page such that users can filter using specific attribute like 'condition'. Following attribute options settings should be set.

enter image description here

enter image description here

Solution 2

List out categories as filters in left menu on search result page.

Solution 3

Create a custom extension to search and list categories instead of prodcucts.

  • Thank you! Solution 2 is an appropriate one. Feb 12 at 10:43

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