I have a problem with our search on front page of our website. It is not showing the correct result.

For ex: I search Reebok Shoes, it searched lot of thing related and unrelated, but didn't find the product I was expecting.

I made sure all the words are existing.

  1. All products are enables.
  2. Re-indexing is done.
  3. All Categories is Is Anchor->'yes'.
  4. Search type is Combine(Like and Fulltext).

What is this issue and can it be fixed. Can I need to make a module for search by categories?

What i found is:

  1. I find that i need to add some code in Mage -> CatalogSearch -> Layer
  2. I didn't get in which function i need to add, someone help please.
  3. I need to add in prepareproductcollection. The code is not calling the category box.

I am looking for a code which can call category name from select option.

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Based on my previous experience searching would be affected by tags/meta tags, whether products should have selected with search or catalog,search option. Your product short/long description also matter. Indexing, caching need to perform when added new products or update previous.

You can use Klevu or Instant search. Both are free and have good rating.

  • all this is paid extension, i need free one. Can you suggest something free? my question is how can i linked categories and searching text(by user) and give result by this. Presently, when i choose reebox 10 size shoes, search gives result of adidas shoes and some other brand shoes, i need reebok shoes only
    – Himani.VC
    Apr 13, 2017 at 13:13

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