I am having a problem getting 3DSecure to work on my site. I get the following error. The JSON request I am getting back a 422 error from api.braintree.com

      "message":"Amount can be any number of digits optionally followed by a decimal point `.` and up to two decimal places following the decimal point. Commas `,` are not allowed."

This is the request data

      "billingLine1":"xxxxx Road",
      "shippingLine1":"xxx Road",

The problem is that Magento is passing amount":12.0499 which has 4 decimal places. The Braintree API is expecting only 2. My system is displaying the correct number of decimal places as 2 on the frontend. I am not sure how to force Magento to send only 2 decimal places?

Thank you for your help.




Wondering whether you ever solved this. I was experiencing the same issue but only when using percentage-based promo codes. We are running Magento 2.4.0 and for braintree:

"name": "braintree/braintree_php", "version": "4.5.0", "name": "paypal/module-braintree", "version": "4.1.0",

Having spoken with Gene who build the Braintree module for M2 they have now supplied a patch for the fix. I am sure they will be rolling this into their next release.


Yes, it is a bit of a hack job, but it is the only way I could figure out how to fix it.

Edit \vendor\magento\module-quote\Model\Quote\Address\Total.php

Change line 59 & 79 to

$amount = is_float($amount) ? round($amount, 2) : $amount;

This will force the precision of the amount calculated to be 2 instead of 4 which will allow 3DS to work correctly.

To note every time you upgrade Magento you need to apply this patch until something official gets released.

Hope this helps

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