I have a question. If any body help me on this. that would be good for me. I have multiple store view (Like: English, French, Spanish etc). I created those store view with currencies in backend and also install language package for each stores. Website default words is translated properly using CSV. But I want to translate the all data Like CMS Page, Products, Categories information without input data in admin in each store view. I have 1M Products and 70 CMS page. It's hard to add other language data for every stores.

Thanks Vishal

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First of all you have to follow admin translation process for this as all data is different for each product , but 1 thing you can do , If you add variable as below for example for product name add below code in your file

<?php echo __($product->getName()) ?>

and add this product name translation in csv file same thing u can do for all other data

But it is not the right approach as how much data u will add in csv file

See if you are adding translation in csv file better to create product upload csv file with translation and import.


You need to add all custom text like the product, category details, etc in a particular CSV file. And It's really hard to add all language data for every store.

For multi-language features, you can use Solwin Google Translate Integration Extension for Magento 2 that allows translating the website to more than 90 languages using the Google translation tool.

Refer below link for more details: https://www.solwininfotech.com/product/magento-2-extensions/google-translate-integration-magento-2/

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