Using Ultimate Followup Email extension for Magento 2 but throws me an error when cron is trying to send out emails:

main.CRITICAL: Error when running a cron job {"exception":"[object] (
RuntimeException(code: 0): Error when running a cron job at /home/*/public_html/vendor/magento/module-cron/Observer/ProcessCronQueueObserver.php:330,
Error(code: 0): Call to a member function setMessageType() on null at /home/*/public_html/app/code/Magenest/UltimateFollowupEmail/Model/Mail/TransportBuilder.php:142)"} []

This is code from the TransportBuilder.php part around line 142, maybe something isn't working because I'm using PHP 7.3? It says the line with text/html is throwing an error.

/* Prepare message */
protected function prepareMessage()
    $template = $this->getTemplateChoosed($this->templateId);
    $body = $template->processTemplate();

    $this->message->setSubject(html_entity_decode($template->getSubject(), ENT_QUOTES));
    return $this;

You can find this module on Github to look further in the code.


Fix can be found here. https://github.com/magenest-dev/module-ultimate-follow-up-email/pull/2/commits/4779cf27cf1bfec04d8ac9b02d7a43fbcf625ee4


i was not able to contact magenest to merge my pull request. today i fixed another bug in the module. you can use my repository with composer. just add my repository to your composer.json file. then, composer will load my repo instead of the original magenest repository. run composer update magenest/module-ultimate-follow-up-email to use the latest release (today v100.3.3) with the latest fixes.

composer config repositories.followupemail vcs https://github.com/philippeaellig/module-ultimate-follow-up-email
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