yesterday I imported several csv files into our shop with my predefined profile. This morning I wanted to continue but Magmi tells me:

No Profile saved yet, Run disabled!!

That comes from magmi_config_setup.php around line 30:

$eplconf=new EnabledPlugins_Config($profile);


if(!$eplconf->hasSection("PLUGINS_DATASOURCES")) { $conf_ok=0; }

But how can this happen over night without anybody touching it? I already upgraded from 0.7.18 to 0.7.19a (Magento is 1.8.1) but got the same result.

I found something similar only in Spanish: http://foros.mgnt.es/threads/importacion-10000-productos-mas-rapida.4792/ but can't read it .. something with look it up in the Wiki? But I couldn't find anything about this problem in the wiki :(

  • Still didn't solve it - so I simply created a new directory and reinstalled magmi and reinstalled all plugins and setup the profile again. :-S – Chris Jul 31 '14 at 15:20

I was getting this error message "No Profile saved yet, Run disabled!!" on saving the Global Parameter configuration. When I give 777 permission to the magmi directory the error gone away.(This was in my localhost, so no issue with 777 permission)

Generally this error come because of improper configuration.

I am also facing same issue on my development server.I was able to fix on my local host but not on development server.


Under Configure Current Profile copy default profile to your custom profile as shown in the screenshot and click on the copy profile and switch.


I think I figured it out eventually: Since I live in China and Google has recently been censored here, it seems to come from the external things that are being loaded by Magmi. I got myself a VPN and if I switch it on, everything works, if I switch it off - the error as described.

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