what is the best way to add a File Upload field in the Contact Page? I want to give users option to upload a file. I try this module but is not work on my 2.3.3 Magento version.

Thank you

  • I spent some time on this to see if I could figure it out. Magento team have really messed around with email logic. I thought maybe it was because of the patch magento.stackexchange.com/questions/294379/… but it's still not working on 2.3.3. I've seen this but no idea if it works meetanshi.com/blog/add-attachments-with-email-in-magento-2-3-x I've run out of time on this. In the meantime I've applied some fixes in my repo but still not working on 2.3.3. Good luck. – Dominic Xigen Feb 14 at 1:25
  • @DominicXigen thank you so much, I have a question, can you give me an example how we can use the the meetanshi blog article in the contact page? – Robert Feb 14 at 6:58
  • check v1.0.6. I'm not 100% my dev setup isn't sending contact form emails on 2.3.3 regardless of extension enabled/disabled but I've basically implemented their suggestion. Let me know how you get on. – Dominic Xigen Feb 14 at 14:05
  • @DominicXigen Hi I'll test it in the morning is very late here, but thank you very much for your efforts. I really appreciate your help. – Robert Feb 14 at 19:01
  • @DominicXigen Hi, I add your latest version, but after I press the Submit button I have this message: "Incorrect reCAPTCHA" do you have any idea how we can add this Google Recaptcha too? – Robert Feb 15 at 8:58

I tried to easy way Please check follow setps

First open form.phtml file located in your theme

/magento_root/app/design/frontend/VENDER_NAME/YOUR_THEME/Magento_Contact/templates/form.phtml, then add subject field to this contact form:

<div class="field subject required">
<p id="file_error" class="message-error error message" style="display:none;">
    File is too large
    <label class="label" for="subject"><span><?php /* @escapeNotVerified */ echo __('Attachment') ?></span></label>
    <div class="control">
        <input name="subject" id="file-btn" accept=".pdf, .png, .jpg, .gif, .docx, .jpeg/*" name="document" type="file" value="" data-validate="{required:true}"/>

Add the above field in the form.

As far as Magento is concerned, it doesn't care what fields we add to this form. It is written in such a way that it accepts all of the field posted for processing and send that out to the transactional e-mail form that you create. Now, go to MARKETING > Communication > Email Templates in the Magento Admin section. Click "Add New Template" and from the "Template" dropdown box select "Contact Form" then "Load Template". Under template content you will see:

{{trans "Name: %name" name=$data.name}}
{{trans "Email: %email" email=$data.email}}
{{trans "Phone Number: %telephone" telephone=$data.telephone}}
{{trans "Comment: %comment" comment=$data.comment}}

Add your new field for Attachment and this code :-

{{template config_path="design/email/header_template"}}

<table class="message-details">
        <td><strong>{{trans "Name"}}</strong></td>
        <td>{{var data.name}}</td>
        <td><strong>{{trans "Email"}}</strong></td>
        <td>{{var data.email}}</td>
        <td><strong>{{trans "Phone"}}</strong></td>
        <td>{{var data.telephone}}</td>
           <td><strong>{{trans "Subject"}}</strong></td>
        <td>{{var data.subject}}</td>
<p><strong>{{trans "Message"}}</strong></p>
<p>{{var data.comment}}</p>

{{template config_path="design/email/footer_template"}}

And save template. Now we need to tell Magento to use this new template for the Contact form. Go to STORES > Settings > Configuration > General > Contacts and select "Contacts". Under "Email Options", select your new template under the "Email Options" > "Email Template" dropdown box. Click on Save Button.

And last check you contact page.

Hope help you


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  • thank you for your answer, and is work like this? I mean you receive that file atachment in email? You have test this code and it send the file atachment ? – Robert Feb 13 at 21:06
  • Yes , @Robert i have tested and worked me – Mohit Patel Feb 14 at 14:23
  • Hi, I just test what you add here but in the email is not any attachment ... can you check again? – Robert Feb 15 at 9:06
  • Hello @Robert sorry for late but find solution Please install the module and get attachment options and received email Please check Screen-short :- prnt.sc/r4dl95 Extensions :- github.com/DominicWatts/ContactAttachment – Mohit Patel Feb 19 at 4:06
  • Note this I haven't been able to test 2.3.3 or later in live environment yet so use this extensions only 2.3.3 – Mohit Patel Feb 19 at 4:14

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