how to show categories here

Like u see in above picture i want it to show my categories and subcategories also i want this column to work on products to not just in the home page


Resolved using "Sebwite" extension.

  • can somebody help with this ? – Wed Feb 1 at 18:29

Please use below extension and modify as per your Vendor_Module.

Link - https://github.com/magento1994/SidebarCategory

enter image description here

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  • hi thanks for the module can you tell me where I have to clone this git ? and add it to magento thanks. – Wed Feb 2 at 18:55
  • Hi, you can download zip from the same link – Biren Patel Feb 2 at 18:58
  • can you please be a little more specific with linux commands i pretty new to magento thanks – Wed Feb 2 at 19:03
  • Or you can download the zip and put it in magentoroot/app/code – Biren Patel Feb 2 at 19:06

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