I am trying to show currency switcher in custom template file.

I referred some links and found for magento1.

Where they used below code in the template files.

  <?php echo  $this->getLayout()->createBlock('directory/currency')->setTemplate('directory/currency.phtml')->toHtml();?>

Same code i tried in magento2, which is not working.

I have tried this also in my template file.

 <?php echo  $block->getLayout()->createBlock('directory/currency')->setTemplate('directory/currency.phtml')->toHtml();?>

Which is not working.

Can anyone help me is there any other way to achieve this functionality.


  • Good to hear that you have resolved your issue. +1 for anwer acceptance :) – Shoaib Munir Aug 5 '19 at 6:38

Try this code instead:

echo $this->getLayout()

This should work anywhere in any phtml

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    This worked for me.. Thanks – Manjunath Aug 5 '19 at 6:37
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    it's working for me – Magento Mar 27 at 17:48

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