Magento2 ce 2.2.2 php 7.0.1 3.Mac safari 11.1 and Chrom67.0.3396.87 Explorer Steps to reproduce I had a Magento 2.2.2 with a website that has one store and two store's views (en and tc);

On Stores -> Configuration -> Web, I set "Add Store code to URLs" to "YES" OR "No"(I test)

in default store view(en), I change the language to Chinese, It works first time, Then I change the language to en, It works too;When I change the language to Chinese again, It doesn't work any more;Even if I refresh the page still does not work;

The issue seems to be related to caching, I clear the cache and switch languages, It works again;

Expected result

Language and currency Switcher can switch at any time;

Actual result

Language and currency Switcher are not working at the second time;

ps: I test in phone7 safari and window Chrome, IE 9; It works any time; The issue occurs in Mac Safari and Chrome Explorer;

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It works after we add the following setting;

Magento Admin -> Store -> Configuration -> Web -> Default Cookie Setting

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