I need to import products from CSV file and I used the option to import products with images form CSV file. The import was done without any problem/errors. I have all products imported in admin panel, but products aren't visible in the shop.

For simple type products I have set up: visibility, availability, categories (all the required fields). Configurable type products also has all the required fields filled up (including is_in_stock). Each product has set is_in_stock 1.

A product shows up in the shop online only when I manually use a sequence: set up product availability to false -> save it -> set up product availability to true -> save again

What can be a reason of this problem? Or maybe anyone know how to do this for all products automatically / directly via database, not manually?

I also tried this method: https://community.magento.com/t5/Magento-1-x-Admin-Configuration/Bulk-update-stock-status/td-p/22130 - without any results.

  • Did you try full re indexing this might cause issue. Commented Oct 19, 2018 at 12:36

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Try to make the script to save the products again and reindex full catalog if that helps.


The reason is, that in your CSV file, you forget to add the websites. And check below attributes that you have added or not.if not add and check once.

status => Enabled ,
is_in_stock => 1,
visibility => Catalog, Search ,
websites => base,
qty => 10

enter image description here

check the above image for your clarification.

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