So i've been tasked with added another variant into our current magento export sheet. After taking one of the products as a test item and making sure all fields and areas were successfully filled i took it to magento to the import tab and got the all clear. However since this alteration to the product, i cannot access anything except the sidebar.

Printscreen of Product Edit Screen

I've looked over the csv and can't find any fault in any empty cells and i'm pretty sure i've filled it out correctly.

The example csv itself can be checked here

If anyone has any ideas, please let me know. I'll be playing with this for the next little while to figure out whats gone wrong.


Moral of the story: Check your fields. After a lot of trial and error i discovered that the reason for the error was because the Attribute set i had editted to contain the "color" attribute was NOT the correct set. There was in fact a secondary set called "Products" as opposed to "Default" which i was making changes to.

The more you know.

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