I want to create 2 websites and 2 stores and more than 200 store views, so I want to know if Magento 2 can support so much store views? And after adding all the products, will the performance be the same for all the store views?

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When we talk about code level of Magento 2 - There is no code limit for the creating of website , stores and store views.

you can create website , store and store views as many as you want there is no limit at all on code level.

But when we talk about performance, yes it will affect on performance when we have huge amount of catalog and multiple store , store views and websites so its totally depends on your hosting environment and server efficiency.

When this type of complex architecture of magento 2 - you needed very strong hosting environment for speed and performance point of view.

  • what will happen 6k stores if i need, and i have only 20 products.
    – sivakumar
    Commented Jun 19, 2020 at 16:07

As mentioned earlier there are no code limitation in this area, Although there are some issues that may happen:

  • Tables Locking
  • Indexation Issues
  • Concurrent Admin Users Operations
  • Cache Building and Invalidation Issues (within deployment process and as standard operating flows)
  • Effective SKU Count

Of course it all depends on hardware setup and supporting solutions like:

  • Redis
  • Varnish
  • CDN Type Solution(s)
  • Database Sharding/Split (Magento Commerce only)

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