I am looking to generate Custom SKU's for Simple products in configurable products in Magento 2.2.2.

I know we can edit after we create configurations in admin. But I want to slightly change the way SKU is automatically generated.

Right now, it generates 'MAIN_PRODUCT_SKU-attribute_value_name'. But I want to change it as 'attribute_value_name-MAIN_PRODUCT_SKU'.

I dont know the process behind SKU generation and what files are involved.

Any help would be appreciated.


  • I am also looking for a similar thing - not quite the same syntax but does anyone know how to change it? – Simon Apr 25 '18 at 13:29

Sku is generated in js file /vendor/magento/module-configurable-product/view/adminhtml/web/js/variations/steps/summary.js

in js code: sku = productSku + _.reduce(options, function (memo, option) { return memo + '-' + option.label; }, ''); Solution is override it in template or by custom module

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