I'm using Braintree sandbox. This is what I'm sending to POST /guest-carts/:quote/payment-information:

email: '<my-email>',
paymentMethod: {
    method: 'braintree',
    additional_data: {
        cc_cid: '123',
        cc_type: 'VI',
        cc_exp_year: '2020',
        cc_exp_month: '1',
        cc_number: '4111111111111111'

I'm constantly getting this response:

    "message": "Transaction has been declined. Please try again later."

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Full disclosure: I work at Braintree. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact support.

It might be useful to post the version of Magento2 you're using as it's possible one of a few conflating errors could be at play here.

However, one thing that the issue might be is that the amount of the transaction (presumed by the error message which itself could be thrown inappropriately but we'll leave that assumption in place for now) itself.

Transactions between 2000-3000 will cause a processor decline with an unsuccessful result in the sandbox environment. Alternatively your Braintree sandbox account could have one of a few fraud rules in place that is being triggered here as well. I'd recommend checking the transactions in your Braintree sandbox account via the control panel to see what the transaction's statuses are.

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