As you may know, Magento 2 Commerce(used to be Enterprise) comes with Elastic Search support/integration for catalog search.

What I've done:

I have a fully functional ES service (I'm using docker though I think this is not a problem).

I have followed the steps mentioned here:


And I have a successful connection. (Step 5)

I've re-indexed all. Still, Nothing goes through to Elastic Search.

When I perform a search I get this:

Notice: Undefined index: suggestions in /var/www/magento/vendor/magento/module-elasticsearch/Model/DataProvider/Suggestions.php on line 158

Now this is out of the box Magento stuff.

Am I missing something? Can anyone provide any clues on how to start debuging this?

I do not see anything in the logs when I perform the reindex.

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Check if in your searchable attributes there are some with date format, and if yes set them as no searchable and try again.

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