I'm writing a small plugin that intercepts the Subscriber class (Magento\Newsletter\Model\Subscriber), fetches the subscriber email address/id and pushes it further to our api.

This works well when the 'Need to Confirm' option is set to 'No'. However, when I enable the double opt-in and the confirmation email is sent and clicked, Magento completely ignores the 'SubscriberPlugin' file, even though it still actually uses the main, original class 'Subscriber' (proved by placing error_log(FILE) in the original class file).

I know that when a user clicks the confirmation link, the method triggered in the Subscriber class is confirm. With that knowledge I've added a new method afterConfirm to the SubscriberPlugin file, but that for now will do nothing, as like mentioned above, Magento is ignoring the plugin file when a user confirms subscription.

Any ideas?

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Ok, got it working. All I needed to do was to remove the contents of the /generated/ folder.

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