Actually I need 2 magento instances of same site. One is something like production site other is like dev site. I make all the changes in the dev site and show to client or some other.

I have set up main site.(http://example.com/magento) copied all the content and placced it in a new directory(http://example.com/magento2) also created a new database and imported the data from main site.

Changed database name env.php and changed store urls in core_config tbl in new database.

Now if I go to http://example.com/magento2, its working fine. But When I click the links or products it redirects to main site urls like http://example.com/magento/men.html instead of http://example.com/magento2/men.html

Even the admin login is redirected to main site url.

Any other changes are needed other than changing store url in db and db name in env.php?

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That should be it other than clearing your cache and redeploying static content just to be sure you haven't bought over the old configurations cache.


bin/magento cache:flush

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