anybody know how magento 2 customer session implemented? Is this based on cookie expire time? Or Is this based on PHP Session? Because i encountered an issue while browsing the magento store customer gets sign out automatically.


Yes, this is set to a default of 3,600 seconds (one hour) for all customers by default.

My recommendation is to change this to a longer time, such as one day or a week.

You can set it here: Stores --> Configuration --> Web --> Default Cookie Sessions

Here's a screenshot of it:

Default Cookie Session in Magento 2

I hope this helps!

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    So even if i am active, customer will be logout after 1 hour? – Krishnan Daiva Feb 21 '17 at 18:51
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    Yes, the Magento 2 system, by default, will keep customers logged in for one hour or keep their cart alive for a single hour. – Jeff Finkelstein Feb 21 '17 at 18:55

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