In my Magento2 I want to provide a customer specific PDF document for registered customers who purchase certain articles.

  1. The customer purchases an article which is actually like a coupon for a service.
  2. After the vendor receives order and payment, he processes the service.
  3. After the service is done (after a couple of days), the customer should get his personal PDF document for download in his account.

I hope I explained my issue. Can anybody give a hint how to approach this?


Use a combination of order PDF and email Attachment extension , it will sender an order PDF as attachment. Customize / override that PDF to generate Coupon PDF on order success

  • Thanks for the quick feedback. I have a PDF document what I get from a third party, so I do not create the PDF myself. I just need to get the customer/order specific Document into the account of the customer. – Self Diagnostics Dec 1 '16 at 12:03

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