I need sell product package, but I need that client won't be able to select just one, the default method is like this image below:

Default method

I need only show to client what products are available on package like this image:

I need this

But the client cannot be able to change or select products, if the client change the amount, the price just multiply all products on package x2, example:

Total amount of product are 211, if the client change the amount to 2 the total go to 422 and so on...

Obs: I need to sell package of different amounts, like 2 Products on package, 3 or 4 products...

  • create a bundle product or create a custom option Oct 28, 2016 at 12:18
  • @edit I do this, and what you see on image are Bundle of "Muti Select", but I need that the cliente cannot be able to change one or other product, all product need to to sold togheter Oct 28, 2016 at 12:20

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You are on right track just go for it

  • Create a bundle product as you want
  • Create bundle option with Input Type radio and assign first product only
  • Choose Is required as yes and default for that product
  • Create another bundle option like same above step for second product

This will give you 2 option only with required and default in frontend, so user can not choose/update any option.

Note: It will display 2 group title in frontend that you have to manage from css.


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