Admin Import Has Issue:


I'm able to Manually Add Product.


For Images, i'm checking previous uploaded Product's Images & following.

I have put my new image in pub\media\catalog\product\a\b\abc.png

Made respective entry in below tables

catalog_product_flat_1 -> Updated fields image, small_image, swatch_image, thumbnail

Frontend: Images are displaying on Listing Pages. On Product Detail page it's not Showing Image.

Admin: On Catalog listing it's displaying, while edit product it's not Showing Image.

What if i have same image name, But Image is different for Different Product.

As path is pub\media\catalog\product\a\b\abc.png it will override Image?

If this is not going to work i have do edit 2K SKU manually & upload Images. Crazy

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Why not use the native product image import for Magento 2 ?

You can check the official documentation here :

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