When I try to add images to the wysiwyg editor on a product I get a url like below


Needless to say these images don't display, what is happening? How do I fix this?

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Please change this setting and check

Admin->System->Configuration->General(Content Management)->WYSIWYG Options->Use Static URLs for Media Content in WYSIWYG for Catalog

Change this to "Yes".

  • Thanks, but.. "Media content is not updated if the system configuration base URL changes." I need to be able to update the base URL, should I really be switching this on? Why doesn't it just work? Commented Sep 21, 2016 at 13:14

i have the same issue, but changing Use Static URLs for Media Content in WYSIWYG for Catalog to yes does not resolve for me. From what i see magento 2 is creating a directive through the admin url so if you are not logged in then the image wont load. this is a security issue also because its disclosing the admin url

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