When I insert a image in the wysiwyg editor (TinyMCE) the image shows properly in the frontend but gets a broken thumbnail image in the editor.


The url it generates in the editor is similar to this:


Is there a way to show the image properly in the editor?

I'm using magento version 2.1.7


I solved this problem by adding this line:

'add_directives' => true,

in this file


the block should looks like this:

            'enabled' => $this->isEnabled(),
            'hidden' => $this->isHidden(),
            'use_container' => false,
            'add_variables' => true,
            'add_widgets' => true,
            'no_display' => false,
            'encode_directives' => true,
            'baseStaticUrl' => $this->_assetRepo->getStaticViewFileContext()->getBaseUrl(),
            'baseStaticDefaultUrl' => str_replace('index.php/', '', $this->_backendUrl->getBaseUrl())
                . $this->filesystem->getUri(DirectoryList::STATIC_VIEW) . '/',
            'directives_url' => $this->_backendUrl->getUrl('cms/wysiwyg/directive'),
            'popup_css' => $this->_assetRepo->getUrl(
            'content_css' => $this->_assetRepo->getUrl(
            'width' => '100%',
            'height' => '500px',
            'plugins' => [],
            'add_directives' => true,

It is working in Magento 2.1.7

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You should check Wysiwyg in backend Stores / Configuration / General / Content Management / Make sure wysiwyg enabled

'add_directives' => true in wysiwyg config


You can see xample in Magento_Cms

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