I have installed magento 2.1.0 with latest xampp window 7.0.6. The strange thing is I can not run command line after successful installation magento 2.1. It happens due to wrong PHP_VERSION_ID (on commandline it shows : 50519) even I install xampp php 7.0.6.

Do you have any idea to fix it ? Thanks

On web interface, it shows 70006, but on command-line interface it shows 50519


Right version on Web

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You need to hook up your xampp php with the command line:

you have to add to windows PATH environment variables:


or you can open Start >> CMD as administrator and write

C:\xampp\php phpfile.php

then test it with php -v;

  • Thanks. My mistake is I have added the old xampp with PHP 5.5 before new xampp. I have removed it and it works. Thanks for pointing the right direction. Jun 25, 2016 at 10:39

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