I want to enable/disable free shipping based on my custom quote conditions, it works fine when free shipping is enabled from admin but I want it to work also when free shipping is disabled from admin. I tried the following solutions but none of them worked for me - How do I enable free shipping in backend only (for order entry)

How to programatically disable shipping method in magento


  • If you only provide shipping with an amount of 0, you can use shopping cart rules to achieve this. However it's applied to another shipping method than "free shipping". – luemic May 11 '16 at 6:44
  • I have added a custom column in quote table and I want to allow free shipping condition on that column's value. – Piyush May 11 '16 at 6:48

You need to rewrite the following class:


and modify the following method to:

 * Get carrier by its code
 * @param string $carrierCode
 * @param null|int $storeId
 * @return bool|Mage_Core_Model_Abstract
public function getCarrierByCode($carrierCode, $storeId = null)
    if (($carrierCode == 'freeshipping' && $customCondition) || !Mage::getStoreConfigFlag('carriers/'.$carrierCode.'/'.$this->_availabilityConfigField, $storeId)) {
        return false;
    $className = Mage::getStoreConfig('carriers/'.$carrierCode.'/model', $storeId);
    if (!$className) {
        return false;
    $obj = Mage::getModel($className);
    if ($storeId) {
    return $obj;

and you need to rewrite


(or better create a new carrier based on freeshipping)

and make the following changes:

 * FreeShipping Rates Collector
 * @param Mage_Shipping_Model_Rate_Request $request
 * @return Mage_Shipping_Model_Rate_Result
public function collectRates(Mage_Shipping_Model_Rate_Request $request)
    if (!$customCondition && !$this->getConfigFlag('active')) {
        return false;

    $result = Mage::getModel('shipping/rate_result');


    if (($request->getFreeShipping())
        || ($request->getBaseSubtotalInclTax() >=
    ) {
        $method = Mage::getModel('shipping/rate_result_method');





    return $result;
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  • Can You please explain what changes I have to made in rewrite files? – Piyush May 11 '16 at 9:37
  • In Mage_Shipping_Model_Shipping the first if condition is extended: if (($carrierCode == 'freeshipping' && $customCondition) ||.. which ignores the active flag if your custom condition is met. The same is applied to Mage_Shipping_Model_Carrier_Freeshipping in the first if if (!$customCondition &&.. which ignores the active flag if your custom condition is met. Please note that you need to implement the calculation of the condition for yourself, but that's another question. – luemic May 11 '16 at 11:09
  • Please let me know if there's some confusion left or mark this issue as solved. Thanks. – luemic May 12 '16 at 9:54
  • Thank You Michael , I Created a custom shipping method to meet the requirements. – Piyush May 12 '16 at 11:16

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