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Questions tagged [noroute]

Denotes questions related to 404 page which is also call noroute in Magento

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0 answers

Magento 2.4 - No route 404 page loading with product page issue

I redirecting 404 not found page to product page using controller_action_predispatch_cms_noroute_index event observer. Observer: $request = $observer->getData('request'); $request->initForward();...
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1 answer

Magento 2 Custom No Route Handler redirect to default 404 Not Found Page

I am trying to redirect url to my custom no route found page but it always redirect to default 404 page, I have made below changes in my module Step-1 Create below file in Controller Folder ...
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0 votes
0 answers

No-route with all magento grid/listing

I am having problem when moving to new server use Ubuntu. All my controller when loading grid/listing using UI component goes to 404 with no-route: That is example:
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1 answer

Magento2: Redirect issue from the Observer

I facing issue while redirect from observer file. Actually code worked on localhost but on the server it's not working. Here is the code public function execute(\Magento\Framework\Event\Observer $...
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1 answer

Magento 2 : How to forward controller defaultNoRoute?

I create a custom module in which if data is found the template is shown else I need to show default 404-page content & set the status to 404. I have tried below code to set the status to 404 ...
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