I want to override Mage_Sales_Recurring_ProfileController in my custom module.

My /etc/config.xml

                        <Namespace_Module before="Mage_Sales">Namespace_Module</Namespace_Module>

and my controller file


class Namespace_Module_Sales_Recurring_ProfileController extends Mage_Sales_Recurring_ProfileController
   public function indexAction()
       // custom code

But the control doesnt go in the overriden controller, but the core controller only.

Can anyone tell the reason why.

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You can do one (and just one) of the following.

  1. Put your controller in Namespace/Module/controllers/Recurring/ProfileController.php and name the class Namespace_Module_Recurring_ProfileController. (I recommend this one).
  2. Change in config.xml this <Namespace_Module before="Mage_Sales">Namespace_Module</Namespace_Module> to this <Namespace_Module before="Mage_Sales">Namespace_Module_Sales</Namespace_Module>. You should use this only if you override multiple controllers from multiple modules in your module. This helps you group the controllers better. If you only override controllers from Mage_Sales, there is no need to do this. Go with the first approach.

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