I have this function:

        var productUrl = 'product.phtml';
        var value = jQuery(this).val();
        jQuery.cookie('sortorderby', value);            
        var url= productUrl + '?sort_by='+ value;       
        window.location.href = url; 
        jQuery('#sort_order_by').val(jQuery.cookie('sortorderby') || 'helpful' );

When executed, jQuery.cookie('sortorderby') has value jQuery('#sort_order_by').val() not set value of jQuery.cookie('sortorderby').

I think that after the location load it does not re-run the code. So I tried create:

`function jQuery(function {jQuery('#sort_order_by').val(
    jQuery.cookie('sortorderby') || 'helpful' );});`

This gives an error, jQuery.cookie not function.

Can anyone help?

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You need manage dependencies with requirejs:

         'domReady!'// wait for dom ready
    ], function($) {
        $('#sort_order_by').change(function() { 
            var productUrl = 'product.phtml';
            var value = $(this).val();
            $.cookie('sortorderby', value);            
            var url= productUrl + '?sort_by='+ value;       
            window.location.href = url; 
            $('#sort_order_by').val($.cookie('sortorderby') || 'helpful' );

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