I made an ajax request (in the admin html) and got the following response:

"{"error":true,"message":"You entered an invalid Secret Key. Please refresh the page."}"

new Ajax.Request('getAjaxExportUrl() ?>', { method: 'get', parameters: { "store" : "someStore" }


public function getAjaxExportUrl() { return $this->getUrl('someURL'); }

What's wrong?

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Magento is using secure key validation in admin aria.

Simplest way to use secure key is use POST and add form_key to data. Example:

jQuery.ajax( {
    url: 'http://mage.dev/admin/vendor/module/validateTest',
    data: {form_key: window.FORM_KEY},
    type: 'POST'
}).done(function(a) { 
    console.log(a); // log: {a: "b"}

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