I have a Race-Registration virtual product with 12 custom options (First name, Last name, Dob etc..). Everything works fine exept when I add 2 or more of the products to the cart: in this case Custom options are the same for every product. I would like magento to ask me different data for single product added to the cart.

Already tried Configurable and Bundle products without success



This is something the product model does not provide.

Use a booking extension (there'll be something at google)

  • Thanks Bernard, I had a look, but I don't need a special booking module, in my use case the event date is fixed. I just need to register every participant data by using custom options. The example problem is: if a cycling team wants to buy 5 "tickets" for the race the system ask for custom-options once and not for every participant. Thanks Again – Andrea Caspani - Unitbit Oct 27 '15 at 16:16

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