Is it possible to overwrite sharing.phtml view by external module?

My point is to add a new social button. I want to publish a module in marketplace, so I don't want to modify any local file. I read about adding files to /app/design/frontend and configuring file overwrite in XML config. Is it possible to do this?


Yes,you can do by creating new module.

  • Step1: Need define layout for module at config.xml file.

<frontend> <layout> <updates> <!-- insert a layout file in current layout --> <sharefile><!-- identifier for layout file --> <file>sharefile.xml</file> <!-- layout file name --> </sharefile> </updates> </layout> </frontend>

  • Step2: On this layout file need to change template of share block using setTemplate function

<catalog_product_view> <reference name="BlockNameInXml"> <action method="setTemplate"><template>YourtemplatefileLocation/Yourphtml.phtml</template></action> </reference> </catalog_product_view>

If you using rwd package then you can try add below code your custom xml layout sharefile.xml .

    <reference name="product.info.sharing"> 
        <action method="setTemplate">

Full module Approach:

1. Define Config file : First of all create module control file Module name as Amit_Sharefile.xml at app/etc/modules/ <?xml version="1.0"?> <config> <modules> <Amit_Sharefile> <codePool>community</codePool> <active>true</active> <depends> <Mage_Catalog /> </depends> </Amit_Sharefile> </modules> </config>

2. Define Main Configuration file: Create a config.xml ,where we are declared table,model,blocks,layouts file , controllers,In a word we can say this configuration file of this extension.

Path Of config.xml is app/code/community/Amit/Sharefile/etc/

As we define codepool is community that it path app/code/community

Here Amit folder is Namespace of module and Sharefile is module name

<?xml version="1.0" ?>

3. Create layout file : sharefile.xml should be path app/design/frontend/yourpackage/yourtemplate/layout/ and code is


<?xml version="1.0"?>
<layout version="0.1.0">
    <reference name="product.info.sharing"> <!-- block name in layout of share file -->
        <action method="setTemplate"> <!-- Change the phtml using setTemplate function -->


  • Thanks for great answear! It will work only for default rwd template? Am I right @AmitBera ? Can I create something more universal? – dragu Sep 7 '15 at 10:48

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