I recently updated from Magento 1.6.1 to Magento and I noticed that the total price of a product changes to 0,00 when I select an option (https://sportinngerritsen.nl/professional-supreme-elite-200-mtr-amber). When I continue to my shopping cart, the price is correct. I've tried a few things I found on the internet like changing a peace of code in the file optionapp/design/frontend/default/sportinn/template/catalog/product/options/view/options.phtml:

price += parseFloat(this.config[optionId][selectOption.value].priceValue);

I also compared this to the standard templates (rwd and base), but then I noticed that it doesn't work in these templates either. Does anybody know what to do?


Okay, it's weird, but I found the solution, without really knowing the answer: Check if it works in the rwd or base template. Doesn't it work in these templates either? Download the same Magento version as you're using from the website and replace the rwd and base template. Does it work? Compare the difference between the rwd/base template and the one that the website is using.

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