we setup three store Store View Name's a long time ago when this should have been Store Name's.

We are now busy rolling out multi-language and this is where I discovered the mistake.

Is there an easy way (and how) to move a Store View Name to a Store Group Name (1 up in the hierarchy)

Website             Store Group       Store View
www.domain.com      domain.com        store1_NL
www.domain.com      domain.com        store2_NL


www.domain.com  store1      NL  
www.domain.com  store2      NL
www.domain.com  store2      EN
www.domain.com  store2      DE


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Just rename it via the admin.

Admin > System > Manage Stores

  1. Create a new Store Group Name
  2. Then open the Store View and assign to the new Store Group Name

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