I want to filter collection for same attribute having two either values.





My question is.

If cutomer_group_id == 12 then it should have sales_org and sales_office value. else if customer_group_id == 13 then it should be null in sales_org and sales_office.

How can i achieve this filters.

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AND Query Condition

$collection->addAttributeToFilter('attributecode1', array('like' => '%ch%'));
$collection->addAttributeToFilter('attributecode2', array('eq' => '1'));

OR Query Condition

                    'attribute' => 'atrributecode1',
                    'like' => '%ch%'),
                    'attribute' => 'attributecode2',
                    'eq' => '1')

For your requirement , need to write direction sql collection filter by


$read = Mage::getSingleton( 'core/resource' )->getConnection( 'core_read' );
 $whereCondition = array(
        $read->quoteInto('cutomer_group_id = ?', 12),
        $read->quoteInto('sales_org IS  NOT NULL'),
 $read->quoteInto('sales_office IS NOT NULL'),
 $collection->getSelect()->Where(implode(' AND ', $whereCondition));

 $orwhereCondition = array(
        $read->quoteInto('cutomer_group_id = ?', 13),
        $read->quoteInto(' sales_org IS NULL'),
 $read->quoteInto('sales_office IS NULL'),
 echo $collection->getSelect()->orWhere(implode(' AND ', $orwhereCondition));

You can use.But it not a good idea

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