I had written a observer to trap product view page event and it is working fine.Now in that code i want to call a controller and pass the product id in it and render the custom view.phtml file, so how can i call that controller without changing my current browser url and render the view.phtml file on same url.

My Observer Code is Given Below

public function getProductView(Varien_Event_Observer $observer)
      $resp = $observer->getEvent()->getFront()->getAction()->getRequest();
      $requestUri = $resp->getRequestString();            
       if ($resp->getActionName() == 'noRoute'){
           $requestUri = $resp->getRequestString();
           $requestUri = ltrim($requestUri, '/');
           $this->db = Mage::getSingleton('core/resource')->getConnection('core_write');
           $sql = "SELECT * FROM core_url_rewrite WHERE request_path like '%".$requestUri."%'";
           $data = $this->db->fetchAll($sql);
           // header("Location: " . Mage::getBaseUrl() . "customproduct/prodId=".$data[0]['product_id'], 301);
           // exit;


           //Edit: action not passed in to this event; passed in generic generate_blocks event

You can do this by below code:



return true;

setDispatched(true/false) not sure..

  • Hi @Amit Bera thanks for your reply i have tried your solution $resp->setModuleName('customproduct') ->setControllerName('Index') ->setActionName('index')->setDispatched(true); but it is giving me white screen – RickyN73 Jun 26 '15 at 6:49
  • update ..check now – Amit Bera Jun 26 '15 at 6:56
  • Hi @ Amit Bera, I tried this suggestion however Index controller is not called. When I go to browser and type {domain}/customproduct/index then index controller is getting called and I can see messge that has been echo'ed. However When we trap the event in observer, then from there index controller is not being called. – RickyN73 Jun 26 '15 at 7:07
  • Part of the var_dump of $resp is protected '_dispatched' => boolean true protected '_module' => string 'customproduct' (length=13) protected '_moduleKey' => string 'module' (length=6) protected '_controller' => string 'index' (length=5) protected '_controllerKey' => string 'controller' (length=10) protected '_action' => string 'index' (length=5) protected '_actionKey' => string 'action' (length=6) – RickyN73 Jun 26 '15 at 7:09
  • Hi @ Amit Bera do you have any idea how to do it – RickyN73 Jun 29 '15 at 15:02

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