There is a field in the backend called "Category Heading" that I would like to use instead of "Category Name" under View. Current code is like

<h1 class="cate"><?php echo $_helper->categoryAttribute($_category, $_category->getName(), 'name') ?></h1>

Please guide me how to fetch it. Also, is there simple documentation for all this stuff?

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    You can always dump to see what's available. var_dump($_category) – Tim Hallman Jun 21 '15 at 11:18

If you are referring to the category title, you can get it like this:

echo $_helper->categoryAttribute($_category, $_category->getMetaTitle(), 'meta_title'); 

If there is a custom field category header, do like this:

Mage::log(print_r($_category->debug(), true), null, 'category.log', true);

and then go to var/log/category.log and you will find there all the info you need.

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