I did a migration between Oscommerce and magento and now, to not lose our work with SEO I want to redirect the olds Url to the news Urls in magento, how can I do that?


You can add all your URLs to the Magento URL re-write table either manually or by importing them. There are a number of modules that will allow you to import an list of urls for 301 redirects

I you do not want to do that you can always manually create 301 redirects in your htaccess file.

  • How can I add it to the .htaccess ? I had to add every url I want to change? – Ali ATriple May 15 '15 at 13:31

if you dont want to use Url rewrite managment of magento because It has lots of data entry then you can manually add 301 url redirect rule in .htaccess file here is the sample code for that , please put path after baseurl.

<IfModule mod_rewrite.c>
 #301 redirect
 redirect 301 /oldurl/ /newurl.html    

If you are not familiar with .htaccess, you could use the Magento admin setting "Catalog -> URL Rewrite Management", that could set url redirect conveniently.

After save setting, you need "Refresh the Catalog URL Rewrites Index" in System > Index Management to see the effect.

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